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February 3 - Moncton

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This one-day class provides an opportunity for technicians who have completed the online Veeder-Root TLS 450Plus certification to get some hands-on experience with this new product. It is a refresher on the differences between the 450 and 450Plus, and includes hands-on programming and a chance to use the Web enable connection to program the system from a PC

Prerequisites: Technicians must have up-to-date Veeder-Root TLS 350 and TLS 450 certification, as well as TLS 450Plus certification


Cette formation d'une journée permettra aux techniciens qui on déjà complète leur formation en ligne sur le TLS 450Plus d'acquérir de l'expérience additionnel de programmation et accès au Web via un PC pour explorer différents options de connectivité

Pré-Requis: Veeder-Root TLS 350, Veeder-Root TLS 450 et TLS 450Plus